Steinbeck, Quo Vadis, and the Second Half

So now it's Steinbeck and in a few short pages he manages to pull together just about everything I have been thinking about lately and say it all so well. I mean, life, man, violence, Bush and blogging and more - and all written before i was born! So I copied much of it into "Spirit Space" with a few asides.

"Quo vadis?" is now ready for prime time. The full title is "American Foreign Policy 'Quo Vadis?'" and it is part of "The Second Half: Lifelong Learning @ 50+" program at UMass Dartmouth. But you're welcome to follow along on the Web site and chip in your two cents worth at any time. I'm doing this with Don Douglas and we're basing everything on the Foreign Policy Association's "Great Decisions" program. Actually it's two web sites, the main one is here and a second one, collecting related news items, is embedded in it here. If you happen to be over 50, and live in this region, you should check out the "Second Half." It's new and a great idea with several study topics. Members pay $125 and can sign up for several study groups.

Oh, and you'll find a couple new article links in Us and the World (a different perspective on North Korea) and Peace Passion where Bob Herbert sums up all that's wrong in Iraq.

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