Boy, was last weekend intense! And long! But these were the most enriching four days I've had in recent memory. I've done my best to extract the essence of the experience and put it in "Family." (The other item, just preceding it, explores my mother's diary in a family quiz that I found fun from a much different perspective.) Yes we get older - and life only gets richer!

Speaking of wealth - Kurt Vonnegut is wise with a constant twinkle in his eyes as he speaks to MIT graduates, so I put it in "Now that's funny!" Don't miss it. And if you are ever asked to make such a speech, steal liberally. UPDATE: This is NOT Vonnegut. It's a hoax. But that doesn't change my opinion of the content one iota.

In "Spirit Space" I explore why I think "marriage" is the problem, not gay unions - an essay that appeared in The standard-Times this past Sunday.

In "Us and the World" there are two new entries, the first an endearing look at India that reminds me of how little I know of the world and then a ravagingly wonderful, one-sided view of how the Bush team of neo-idiots has messed up the world and shamed our country.

Yes, as usual I am indebted to friends for calling so much to my attention - and Shakespeare, who is the prime mover for the long weekend - would be just an over-rated, lost author to me if it wasn't for Bren's scampering in ahead and shouting, "come on in - the water's fine!" She has taught me to swim in this richest of literary pools and I'm at last getting past the dog-paddle stage.

Posted by Greg Stone at August 19, 2003 02:04 PM