Being "right" and being correct!

As Don pointed out to me, conservative Clyde Prestowitz said it all in his last paragraph when he noted:

There is nothing neo about imperialism. It is just as un-American today as it was in 1776. And there is nothing conservative about gigantic military establishments, endless oceans of red ink, and crumbling state and local governments burdened by unfunded obligations passed on by an irresponsible federal government. Far from conservatism, this is radicalism of the right, and it is unsustainable because it is at odds with fundamental - and truly conservative - American values.

For all that preceded those words, see "US and the World: A conservative view."

Then move on for the wonderful breath of rational, humorous, joyous, comprehensive fresh air from novelist Annie Lamott in "Spirit Space. " Among much, much more she says:

In my 20s I devised a school of relaxation that has unfortunately fallen out of favor in the ensuing years -- it was called Prone Yoga. You just lie around as much as possible. You could read, listen to music, you could space out, or sleep. But you had to be lying down. Maintaining the prone.

Thanks Pina, for forwarding this.

Posted by Greg Stone at August 12, 2003 05:02 AM