Mars, Brights, and penquinss

Afraid I'm raining on the Martian's parade, but . . . well, see "Natural High" for "Hype, reality and Mars." I'm also raining on the "Brights" - not because I think they're dull - I just don't like labels. My take is in Spirit Space. Aside from that I watched the best part of the Red Sox game last night (Pedro's last strike out - my patience with professional baseball is diminishing) and I'm making progress on the new foreign policy site, "Quo Vadis." And I continue to put up family history stuff in Family, though I'm not sure anyone is reading it. Hmmmm...come to think of it I'm not sure anyone is reading anything. In blogging it's a good idea to take your satisfaction from the act of doing - and if one person reads what you write, take it as bonus ;-) Uh oh - Almost forgot the penguins. If you go to the site and say "oh that one!" -leave. If it looks new to you, leave as well - go get a cup of coffee - it's a long download, but worth it. Describes the way my day seems to go any ways. (See Now that's funny!")

Posted by Greg Stone at August 7, 2003 01:17 PM | TrackBack