Why they hate us - and a retreat of sorts

In "Us and the World" today you'll find a brief excerpt and comment on "All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror," a new book by New York Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer. Seems like we have a spate of excellent books today that offer us guidance on world affairs as we continue to blunder about the globe making folks angry at us and wait for the next shoe to drop.

Me? I find it painful to watch. Does each generation really have to repeat the stupidity of the previous one? I've retreated.

I'm flying my radio-controlled glider, creating family history quizzes, and really buried pretty deep in making a Web site that will actually work as a tool not only to display, but gather, preserve, and make retrievable accounts of Westport History. (Sort of an expansion of the family quiz model.)

As I've said before, the beauty of this site lies in what you don't see when you visit it. It's really two blogs - with a third dealing with images in the works - built on Movable Type. All the content can be maintained and expanded by people with no more technical skill or training then it takes to order a book from Amazon.com.

Oh, I did go to Barrington, RI yesterday. I took pictures of the harbor to go with the family site. I turned them into a Quick Time Virtual Reality panorama of the harbor as it appears today. More boats, more docks, bigger trees, but pretty much the same as when I grew up, or when Hurricane Carol hit. (Be patient - long download, though you can watch it progress.) If a hurricane hit today I suspect the houses would fare better, but all those expensive Clorox bottles would be in deep trouble. Hmmm...think I'll add this panorama to the Carol Web site. We're in the kind of muggy weather pattern people associate with thatw hich precedes hurricanes. Actually, I think the days before Carol were beautiful, clear blue sky ones.

Oh yeah - I'm building a new blog called "This Ol' House." Some folks showed up in the driveway the other day who grew up in this house in 1935. That got me started. They told of the days when this was a farm house - with farm. And my how it has changed! So I'm going to do my best to document the century or more of changes the house and yard have seen since Bren and I were responsible for many of them. Probably be of interest only to immediate family and a few others who once lived here - or might live here at some later date - but seems like fun to build.

Ummm... and I'm reading the foreign policy stuff from the Foreign Policy Association. Don and I will meet tomorrow to start serious planning for the foreign policy study group we'releading this fall and I've built a blog to go along with that - it's really an eye opener. The study, that is. A balanced treatment of US foreign policy that is making me think, at least. Didn't know how old this debate over unilateralism really is. Maybe some of you would like to join us, face-to-face or virtually? Stay tuned.

Posted by Greg Stone at August 3, 2003 04:10 AM

I coudn't agree with you more. As much as we CLAIM to love peace we are a warior nation and always have been. Yes sometimes we fight to defend our freedom (as we should) but way too often our wars served only to impose our belief system on someone else.

It makes one wonder, when the majority of the world is feeling that THEY don't belong in a certain war, what gives US the wisdom to belive we do? Are we that arogent that we sincerely belive our way is the only way?

Posted by: Bruce at August 3, 2003 11:20 AM
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