My cup runneth over ;-)

There's an introduction to a new approach to peace in Peace Passion, and a sense of real joy - not just words about it - in "Now that's funny" today. Both items are courtesy of friends. I've been building airplanes (model, radio controlled, sailplane), building Web sites (a complete reinvention of the Westport History one that will go public in a day or two) and having great fun with online family quizzes. I know these last are of interests primarily to family, but you may want to take a peak at "Family" for a glimpse of Scouting in its first decade, as well as what happens when a country doctor decides to go to war in 1918. Then there's been the reading about war and this incredible eye-candy Dom sent me by snail mail from Australia that I'll write about once it's digested.

Posted by Greg Stone at July 29, 2003 07:54 AM