Home improvements. . .

. . . to this web home, that is. My enthusiasm for the possibilities with Movable Type grow. My main task the last couple of days has been to try to make the blogs more functional to more people. The changes are visible primarily in Natural High and Family at this juncture, but they address two things:

- first, the fact that blogs frequently change and thus can lead to bookmarking and linking confusion. What most folks don't know is each blog entry does have a permanent address. See the pop-up note I've linked to the upper right corner in these blogs, as well as the home page for "Give you joy!".

- second, I've improved the archiving templates so I think the various archives work better, but this helped me see how to build a new blog designed entirely around the "categories" concept built into the Movable Type software.

This new blog is not quite ready for prime time, but it is a much more serious and systematic approach to foreign policy issues, called "Quo Vadis?" It's designed for the study group Don and I will be leading this fall as part of the UMD "Second Half" program, but will be open to the world. The content draws heavily on the "Great Decisions" approach of the Foreign Policy Association, and the categories follow the current eight "Great Decisions" issues.

More on this another time - from a blogging standpoint I'm starting to see how "Movable Type" can be used to control most of a typical Web site, including pages that are not updated too frequently. What this translates to is the ability to develop sites for organizations where relatively unskilled people can maintain the content of the sites. That's huge in terms of making the Web more accessible as a two-way communications medium.

Posted by Greg Stone at July 7, 2003 05:38 AM