Hurricanes, printing, bookmarking, etc.

“Isaac’s Storm” - a fine book about the devastating hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas in 1900 - is reviewed in Natural High today. At the same time I have tried to make the contents of each entry more accessible by adding a link at the end of each entry to a page suitable for printing, bookmarking, or linking to if you want to capture a single entry. Keep in mind that if you print the main pageof ablog you'll get several entries, as well as other information that isn't useful on the printed page. Similarly, if you try to bookmark the main page you'll get a page that constantly changes. That's fine if you want to see what's new, but frustrating if you want to bookmark - or link to, or a send a friend the URL for - a specific entry. Right now the new "print etc." page applies only to "Natural High," but I'll be incorporating it into the other blogs.

Posted by Greg Stone at June 29, 2003 06:53 AM | TrackBack