Hey, it's a global brain!

The blog rebuilding is finished! (Yeah, like the war in Iraq ended a month ago, too.) Well, the main part of the rebuilding is finished and I'm still riding high on Movable Type and glad to be free of Blogger, though it has it's good points.

I imported the rest of the blogs over the past 24 hours, but what I'm happiest with is redesigning the column on the right both on this home page and on some of the blogs - adding categories, and improving the order of links. All will soon look this way, but for now see "Natural High," for an example.

But what really got me cooking is the ability to automatically include all the updated stuff you see below this announcement - the stuff for each blog - so a reader can quickly skim to find new items in any of them. That's really shows the power of Movable Type, not to mention using a data base and separating content and form.

For the technically inclined, the problem was harvesting this kind of information from multiple blogs and the solution was an easy-to-use script - one of many free plug-ins people are writing for Movable Type. This one was written by David Raynes and can be found here.

For me the blogging world has the feel and excitement of the early Web - a time when everyone was having fun building stuff and sharing it and the Web held the promise of being the most fundamentally democratic of all media, not to mention the shared mind of the world. Global village? It's a global brain!

Posted by Greg Stone at June 27, 2003 12:05 PM | TrackBack