Don has some "barbershop wisdom"

Don has some "barbershop wisdom" with four thought-provoking American traits from Margaret Mead, plus a stimulating look at the Bush credibility gap - no,this is NOT about WMDs - in "US and the World." In "Family" I explore a twisting thread of connections from Margaret's piano playing to Dickens as magician. Linking these events are murder, a King mural, and real life great expectations in 19th century Sydney, Australia. Oh, did I mention the new item-by-item drop-down menu in "Natural High?" It's an experiment. This one was laboriously created by hand. I'm hoping James - or someone - will write a script that creates such a menu automatically. I think it would be a big help, but it's beyond my technical skills which extend only to the point where I can invent work for others ;-)

Posted by Greg Stone at June 14, 2003 08:46 AM