New server, Movable Type, kids and rogues

Thing are almost back to normal, but for the last couple of days I have been busy moving this site to a new server - still with Doteasy - but an upgrade with more capabilities. Among other things, this allows me to switch to a new blogging tool, Movable Type. Since I have had no response from Blogger Pro, to my request for help with what are obviously their problems, I feel this will be a good move. It will take me some time to learn the new system and convert everything. Fortunately, James (now developing his own Dr. Momentum domain) already made the same move so I have someone to help me troubleshoot. I actually got Movable Type installed on the new server (it's a series of CGI scripts) with minimal problems yesterday, but then the new file server went down and for nearly 12 hours this site was invisible. Not a very auspicious beginning. You move from free hosting to a "for pay" service and the first thing that happens is you have the longest downtime in memory! Ah well . . . onward. My goal now is to get Blogger talking to the new server, get the blogs up to date, then start converting them to Movable Type.

Got this figured out enough, however, to talk a little about kids on a summer evening (see "Family") and nations and book reviewers that are, or maybe, rogues. (See "US and the World.")

Posted by Greg Stone at June 22, 2003 05:38 AM