New features, new look!

Ok, so this page looks the same - but for a taste of what's coming check out "Now that's funny ;-)" This is the old blog repackaged in "Movable Type" with a layout I borrowed and modified. Some of the changes are subtle, but powerful. Note:

  • You can now post comments and your comments are associated with each blog item.
  • There is a listing of "recent entries" in the upper right making it easy to find some past tidbit. (Maybe you commented on it and want to see if there was any response to your comment!)
  • Content is on left, menus on the right, which makes sense to me, especially for a blog where rapidly changing content is everything.
  • There is a "permalink" associated with each blog item . In this case, it's the time at the end of the item. Click on this link and you will get a separate page that can be bookmarked, or the URL emailed to someone else. That way you don't bookmark something that drops out of sight, or send a person to a long page of items where it is unclear which one you meant.
  • Each blog now has it's own search function aimed only at that blog.
  • Archives are linked on the home page via a month-by-month listing.
  • Consistent links to the rest of the main items in "Give you Joy."
  • A spiffy calendar that allows you to click on a highlighted date to get to a blog item. The Movable Type folks - who have created an amazing, free product - seem to like this feature so much they put it at the top of their various blog templates. I think it looks neat, but has limited utility for the sort of blogs I create. To me the "recent links" feature is much more useful.
There are some other features that are good as well, but they are more important to the person creating the blog than the one reading it. And I need to be doing a lot more creating - that is, moving my other blogs over to this new system. Right now that looks like an uncomplicated, but tedious task. The fun work - creating the new layout - is done ;-) Posted by Greg Stone at June 23, 2003 05:13 AM